May your dreams be larger than mountains and may you have the courage to scale their summits – Harley King

Drakensberg Mountains

The accommodation is the Drakensberg Mountains region is extraordinary, thanks to the dramatically beautiful setting. This region is home to the awe-inspiring mountain range of the same name and can predominantly be found in the KwaZulu Natal Province. The range is more than 200 kilometres long and combines rugged peaks with verdant valleys and spectacular backdrops. It creates a natural border between the kingdom of Lesotho and the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Its name, Drakensberg, roughly translate to “dragon mountains” or “the mountains of dragons”. And, it’s no wonder that it has earned this name because some of the peaks are mammoth in size and stature. The average height of the range is 2 900 metres. However, it is home to some of the country’s highest peaks, which surge up to 3 482 metres above sea level. Between and amongst these peaks are plateaus, valleys, slopes, and incredible mountain passes that make for some of the best hiking, walking and cycling adventures in South Africa.

The Drakensberg has a few famous peaks that are favorites to photograph and summit. These include Giant’s Castle, Cathedral Peak, and Mont-Aux Sources. But, more than these, it is also home to a number of smaller foothills, stunning waterfalls, inviting rock pools, fresh mountain streams, and mysterious caves. The crisp mountain air and the clear sunshine of KwaZulu-Natal also play their part in creating a very special space for visitors to South Africa and locals alike.

Staying in the shadow of these mountains brings immediate breathing space and a chance to unwind. Aside from hiking – and there are innumerable hikes that range in skill and fitness requirements throughout the entire Drakensberg – there are also horse trails, canopy tours, white water rafting, abseiling, local arts and crafts or simply ‘taking the air’ for those with little other than repose in mind.

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Adventure Sports

Adrenalin junkies will not be disappointed with a visit to the Drakensberg. 

Hot Air Ballooning

A wonderful ballooning experience in the beautiful Champagne Valley.

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Hiking Trails

Waterfalls, rivers, magnificent vistas and places of beauty and solitude are all here for you.

Battle Field Tours and Museums

Discover KwaZulu-Natal’s brutal military history in the Drakensberg Region

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Horseback Safaris

Explore the beautiful countryside and experience this region on a horseback.

Bird Watching

South Africa is one of the world’s richest birding countries.