Safari in Africa

What I took away from witnessing the broken climbers in Moshi was this:
Everything is easy until it isn’t ― Josh Gates, 


The risk of contracting malaria is often a concern when visiting the Kruger National Park. The Kruger is one of the two South African National Parks that are situated in malaria risk areas. The other park is Mapungubwe National Park. It is important to note that the risk of malaria in both of these parks is usually low, even in the summer months.

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Please note that if it is your intention to visit more than 1 area in South Africa, familiarize yourself with the distance, we normally travel 1 hour for every 100 kilometers, excluding visiting interesting venues/scenes, or activities along the road. If a long travel is planned, Safari South will advise if there is something to visit worth while to visit, and the trip can be planned accordingly.

This travel time of 1 hour per 100 km also exclude toilet visits, and stops for food, drinks and snacks.

Use the distance calculator on this button to familiarize yourself with possible travel distances.

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Please make sure about travel regarding Visa and Passport requirements for all countries travel through, to and on return countries.

General Information: 

Visa Requirements per Country:

Packing List

This checklist helps you decide what to pack for your travels. Select the items you still need to pack (or already packed). Next time you visit this page, your browser remembers your selections automatically. Missing an important item? Please leave a message!

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Banks & Payments

Safari South except currency in USA $ and Euro € only. these currency can be paid in cash or by a bank transfer.


  1. If not possible to do it in cash then a online deposit by PayPal is possible… you can find the PayPal link under the General Info link under Online Deposit and on our Contact Us page.
  2. Another option is to receive from our Office an Invoice with referred deposit as agreed upon.  Our Office sent you an online PayPal Generated Invoice, upon receiving this invoice it will be possible to do an online payment using any of your bank cards. The system will provide you with proof of payment.
  3. Third option is to visit your nearest bank that is able to do International Bank Transfers. We will provide you with full bank details.
  4. Very Important is that before leaving your home country, is to inform your bank on your intended travel plans and countries where you possibly can use your bank cards… keep your reference number.
  5. On the last day of your Safari, you can pay the outstanding balance by either cash (USD $ or Euro €) or use our Electronic Online Card Swipe Device.
  6. On all payments not in cash, there will be a 4% surcharge.