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Safari South also offers support to other tour operators that is in need of assistance, with equipment, personnel or to use Safari South to support your need in your Safari with your Clients. Contact us to enquire how we could assist you and meet your needs.

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Professional Camera Man

Hire a Professional Camera Man, get your complete hunt edited into a full HD movie of between 30 min to 45 minutes, depending on the length of your Safari.

High end equipment used, with some years of experience.

Equipment used: Canon FX200 Video Camera, Canon XA11 Video Camera. Sennheiser audio equipment, and Surp genie Sliders… edited on newest updated editing programs.

Fees: €175 per day, and €50 per day editing.
Contact: or on email:

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Road Transfers
Safari South is your one stop source for booking road transfers and shuttles throughout South Africa.

  • Safari Lodge Transfers
  • Airport Shuttle Services
  • City to city
  • Chauffeur services
  • Day Tours.
  • Conferences & Corporate
  • Sporting & School Events

We are trusted by those who emphasize reliability — business and leisure travellers, corporate clients and tour agencies.

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28  Ft Budcat Fishing charter.

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